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Plane Crash Victim Sues Hospital for Medical Malpractice

By Larry Hollis / July 2, 2017

Julie Fetcko has been living a nightmare for more than four years. On Christmas Eve of 2012, Fetcko boarded a plane with her husband to travel to a family gathering. Her husband was piloting the plane when it ran out of fuel. As he attempted to make an emergency landing, the plane was ripped apart. […]


Tampa Woman Dies Riding Scooter in Tragic Crash

By Larry Hollis / May 2, 2017

It’s not every day that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reports that they’re in the process of investigating an accident that involves two vehicles and one Razor electric scooter, yet that’s exactly what they’re doing right now. The police reports indicated that late Christmas night, at 11:34 p.m. Isabel Alarcon Mateus, 20 decided to go […]


Should We Jail Up Immigrants?

By Larry Hollis / February 20, 2017

Since Trump’s administration has been in office the question of how we should deal with immigrants was frequently brought up. The bills and laws which would deal with cases of illegal immigrants should make it possible for policemen and legal workers to deal with these cases in the best possible way.What Should We Do With […]


New Rape Clause Shocks Everybody!

By Larry Hollis / January 10, 2017

A controversial new law introduces the so-called rape clause without any legal processes. The proposal requires women who were rape victims and subsequently had children due to the assault to verify whether they would like to claim tax credits for the third and subsequent children that were conceived as a result of rape. In the parliament, there was no discussions or debates, and the appalling clause has been introduced together with new restrictions that were brought on tax credit entitlement just late Wednesday and as an amendment to an existing act. It is also expected that within a month the plans will come into effect.


How Do I Know That I Can Trust My Lawyer?

By Larry Hollis / December 10, 2016

Many people are a skeptic when they look for a lawyer. Many questions might be rushing to your mind, such as: Will they be able to represent me in the best possible way? What are their credentials? Can I trust them that they will help me? Will they rip me off? Learn how to put […]


Family Physician Breaking The Law Without Regrets

By Larry Hollis / November 30, 2016

Only recently it has been discovered that biodiagnostic laboratory services BSL were behind the illegal activities that took place ten years ago and included bribing physicians to send it blood work. One such case was discovered, and the said physician was prosecuted for an outstanding bribe for more than $1.8 million in exchange for more […]


Will New Laws Make Our Health Plan Healthier?

By Larry Hollis / November 20, 2016

In the front of a crowd of more than 150 people, Joe Manchin spoke about the Republican plans to replace the Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act. During the same occasion, he also shared his objections to GOP’s plan for healthcare, fearing that those who had benefited from ObamaCare, would be denied health care under […]


How To Find The Lawyer Who Will Represent You

By Larry Hollis / October 18, 2016

Sometimes we cannot go about a certain matter without some legal help. A situation that requires legal help should be dealt with in the best possible way and to achieve that you simply must use the services of a reliable lawyer or a law firm.Why You Should Give It Some ThoughtIf you happen to find […]


This New York Law Might Shock And Appall You!

By Larry Hollis / July 20, 2016

Even though it is expected that this shocking law will finally change, it was there for years, and it seems like no one has noticed! Read more about the most shocking law in the US and what the government is planning for the future to resolve this issue.Married By ParentsNo, it is not just the […]

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