Plane Crash Victim Sues Hospital for Medical Malpractice

medical malpractice

Julie Fetcko has been living a nightmare for more than four years. On Christmas Eve of 2012, Fetcko boarded a plane with her husband to travel to a family gathering. Her husband was piloting the plane when it ran out of fuel. As he attempted to make an emergency landing, the plane was ripped apart. Julie’s husband died instantly as he dove over his wife to shield her from the impact. “I felt my ankles break. When they broke, it was like slow motion,” she said.

Paramedics soon arrived at the crash site and airlifted Julie to a trauma center by helicopter. She remembers asking which trauma center was closest and being told that she was going to Ocala. The Ocala trauma center had only been open for 16 days at the time. When she arrived at Ocala, it was total chaos. “They just did not know what to do with me. Everybody seemed confused,” she said.

Medical Malpractice

Her attorney Pat Deckle said the hospital was not adequately prepared to treat Fetcko’s injuries. “She had the kind of ankle fracture that nobody at that hospital, nobody, nobody who worked there or nobody who was available to them, could fix,” he said. To make matters worse, the medical director at Ocala “tried to realign her badly broken ankle bones in the trauma bay himself.” The director was not an orthopedic surgeon and did not know how to properly treat the fractures. Then another doctor from Ocala “who did not regularly do any work below the knee” actually opened up her ankles and “attached external fixation devices”.

Hours later, Fetcko was in terrible pain. “I had all these rods sticking out of my legs. They had drilled into my shins, into the tops of my feet. There were rods going through the backs of my ankles,” she said. The care that Fetcko received was shocking because attorneys say she “was medically stable to be able to be transported”. There were no less than three trauma centers nearby, all of which met the highest level-one trauma designation in Florida. All three centers had experienced doctors who could have fixed Fetcko’s ankles properly, but they did not transport her.

Medical MalpracticeAccording to the lawsuit, the doctor who attached the rods “recommended that the patient be transferred to a hospital or surgeon who could have properly treated” her. However, his requests were denied by hospital administration. Ultimately, Fetcko was sent home with a bill for more than $186,000 and still had not been properly treated. She was in unbearable pain by the time she got in to see an ankle specialist at Tampa General Hospital.

The specialist wrote in his reports, “I’ve never seen a treatment like this before, and hopefully I will never see it again.” The day after he first evaluated Fetcko, he operated, but too much time had passed for treatment to be effective. “I’ve been through seven surgeries, one adjustment, and I have three more surgeries to go because of what they did,” Fetcko said.

Christopher Ligori, a Tampa attorney, was shocked when he read the details of the case. “To think that doctors purposefully denied transport of this woman who needed urgent medical intervention is just unthinkable. They will undoubtedly answer for those poor decisions in court.”


Sheriff’s Office Pays Settlement in Wrongful Death Suit Over Inmate Death

Wrongful Death Suit

In 2009, Jennifer DeGraw was found unresponsive in her prison cell. She 50-year-old woman suffered from mental illness and at the time of her death, she was found lying in a pile of food and feces. Her husband, Michael DeGraw sued the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, claiming they were responsible for the wrongful death of his wife. Now, the case has come to a close with the sheriff’s office paying $1.15 million to DeGraw’s estate.

Current Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said he inherited the DeGraw lawsuit when he took the job. He believes that the woman should have never been arrested in the first place. Former Sheriff Jim Coats allegedly denied care to DeGraw even after a psychiatrist told police that she was suffering. The woman was documented as bipolar and she had stopped taking her medicine prior to being arrested. During a psychotic episode, she showed up at her husband’s workplace acting manic. Police were called in to help, but instead of taking her to the hospital, they arrested her for kicking a deputy. “From the get-go, it was a calamity,” Gualtieri said.

While the police did have cause to arrest the woman, Gualtieri believes they made a mistake. She needed medical care, but instead was thrown into a jail cell. For eight days, she refused food and medication and eventually died from a heart attack that was caused by an electrolyte imbalance. Attorneys representing her family argued that police violated her constitutional rights by denying her the appropriate medical care.

During the investigation into DeGraw’s death, it was revealed that staff at the jail had notated in records that they checked on her in her cell, but surveillance video showed that they did not. Gualtieri said that appealing a jury verdict would have been more expensive than the settlement so ultimately, they paid out $1.15 million to the woman’s estate. This will also silence pending claims of medical negligence that could have caused more problems for the police department.

Michael DeGraw was pleased with the settlement, although it took five years after his wife’s death to get some resolution. His attorneys reported that the grieving husband was most concerned that police had acted so erroneously and he worries that it could happen again to someone else. Gualtieri said that despite his best efforts, it can be difficult to manage everything that happens in the county jail. With around 1,100 employees and nearly 47,000 arrests every year, it is oftentimes chaotic. However, the new sheriff believes he is doing everything he can to prevent this type of tragedy from reoccurring. “I hope it wouldn’t happen again. I believe we have the right people and procedures to ensure it wouldn’t,” he said.

Family lawTampa wrongful death attorney, Christopher Ligori, said the case is a timely reminder for law enforcement officials. “You just cannot be too careful when dealing with inmates with mental illness. It’s important to protect the rights of inmates at all times and this includes providing access to adequate medical care.”

Tampa Woman Dies Riding Scooter in Tragic Crash

Dies Riding Scooter in Tragic Crash

It’s not every day that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reports that they’re in the process of investigating an accident that involves two vehicles and one Razor electric scooter, yet that’s exactly what they’re doing right now.

The police reports indicated that late Christmas night, at 11:34 p.m. Isabel Alarcon Mateus, 20 decided to go for a ride on her scooter. Her scooter was traveling on Sheldon Road’s inside lane and she was approaching the Hamilton Avenue intersection.

The police report indicates that the scooters rear lights weren’t operating properly and that it wasn’t registered as being street legal.

At the same time, Brian Edward Joyner, 47 was heading south in a Pontiac Vibe. The lack of rear lights meant he didn’t see the scooter until he was right on top of it at which point there wasn’t enough time for him to swerve or brake. He struck the scooter. The impact pitched Mateus several feet. A few seconds later, Suzeth Ojeda Perez also struck the scooter.

When the emergency response team arrived at the scene of the accident, Mateus was still alive but died because of her injuries shortly after being transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Dies Riding Scooter

Although police are still investigating the accident, they’re confident that alcohol wasn’t a factor and that no criminal charges will be filed.

A good wrongful death Tampa attorney would advise Isabel Alarcon Mateus to not give up and let the accident drop. The same attorney would than start investigating two things. First, they would want to know the exact reason why the scooter didn’t have any rear lights. The second thing the wrongful death Tampa attorney would look at is how well-lit that particular section of the street is and determine if the city/county has been negligent in putting up and/or maintaining lights.

wrongful death caseBased on the information the wrongful death Tampa attorney collects, it’s likely that they’d advise the family to pursue a wrongful death case. The case would be filed in one of Florida’s civil courts and instead of legal action, the family would ask for a financial settlement. This financial settlement comes in two sections. The first is punitive damages, which includes medical bills acquired as a result of the accident, the cost of lost property, and even funeral expenses. In many cases, the Tampa wrongful death attorney asks for compensation for the wages the victim would have earned if their life hadn’t been cut short.

The second part of the settlement involves emotional loss. This is much more complicated than punitive damages because it’s impossible to attach a figure to love and heartbreak, but the court does the best it can. There are several different things the wrongful death Tampa attorney considers when they determine how much the family should demand for its emotional despair.

In most wrongful death cases, attorneys and clients are able to come to a settlement agreement during the negotiation phase and the case never goes before an actual judge.

Should We Jail Up Immigrants?

Since Trump's administration has been in office the question of how we should deal with immigrants was frequently brought up. The bills and laws which would deal with cases of illegal immigrants should make it possible for policemen and legal workers to deal with these cases in the best possible way.

What Should We Do With Illegal Immigrants?

In addition to that, we must also think of a solution for all the undocumented immigrants. The information coming from federal offices declares that making more lockups is necessary especially in certain regions of the USA which are bordering with Mexico. The state of California, however, rude refuses any help and even considering a bill that would prevent immigrants being jailed up.

How Are Immigrants Treated In Jails?

Another thing which is not just is the fact that immigrants are treated very badly by other prisoners who are in the same institutions for completely different crimes. When you think of that, you have inmates that have been convicted of serious crimes such as murder or rape, together with illegal immigrants, and they are all treated the same. Undocumented illegal immigrants must be dealt in a more humane way that would guarantee their safety and their dignity. The state of California is perhaps the most aware of this problem and is trying to deal with it in the best possible way.

Border Walls

Moreover, building new facilities that would serve for locking up illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrants would be a huge financial impact on the entire country and the government. It would also mean that costs of employing officers, mental health, and medical health staff and maintaining the jail would increase, and damaged the budget of the entire country.

What Are Our Priorities?

The highest priority now is the proper treatment of all the individuals. Just one of many such examples is the example of a US Marine veteran who was confined at the Yuba County Jail who was also the sufferer of posttraumatic stress disorder, which he witnessed about in his sworn declaration. The PTSD that he suffered was brought on after witnessing to cadets killing themselves during basic training. Even though he noticed the medical staff of his psychological state and required medication for his PTSD, when confined to the jail he did not see a psychiatrist for three months. In addition to that, the former US Marine was also denied of medication for his heart condition for almost two weeks. Things like this must not happen. People must be treated with dignity even if the law declares them guilty. Basic human needs such as food, water, and medical help must be guaranteed to all inmates especially to those who are only guilty of dreaming a different kind of life and a better future for their kids.

New Rape Clause Shocks Everybody!

A controversial new law introduces the so-called rape clause without any legal processes. The proposal requires women who were rape victims and subsequently had children due to the assault to verify whether they would like to claim tax credits for the third and subsequent children that were conceived as a result of rape. In the parliament, there was no discussions or debates, and the appalling clause has been introduced together with new restrictions that were brought on tax credit entitlement just late Wednesday and as an amendment to an existing act. It is also expected that within a month the plans will come into effect.

Underhand Tactics

The MP who first took notice of this shocking practice was Allison Thewliss, the SNP MP. She stated that this was a parliamentary tactic that was completely unfair and underhand, used to introduce new measures without any scrutiny. She continued that the Department for work and pensions was not asked to decide and judge on whether someone has claimed exemptions by a rape assault.

Another thing which is bothersome is that all of this happened without parliament’s approval. The tax credit entitlement for new claimants provides tax exemptions for more than two children and women who have evidence that the third, or their subsequent children, were the result of rape assault. It also requires that a professional third-party including health workers, social workers, great charities and police workers would confirm this exception which would be assessed by the government.

Refusing The New Rape Clause

The MP Thewliss also called out the government to refuse this policy as immoral and unworkable. She is also appalled by the medieval parliamentary procedures which obviously took place. Since then numerous MPs and women's charities have also reacted calling this bill to be dropped.

In addition to that, it would also require a team of professionals which would determine whether the woman has been a victim of rape, and such professionals are not currently at our disposal. Even though the department that had brought this bill only tries to control public spending in the most effective and compassionate way, this has obviously been a huge mistake that should be corrected right away.

Thankfully, many rape charities and women charities have responded, because this will have a negative impact on victims of rape who only require professional health and social care guidance and support. Our society has to show a more humane approach to rape victims, and it is shocking how new introductions such as this one were brought without even a discussion in the parliament.

How Do I Know That I Can Trust My Lawyer?

Many people are a skeptic when they look for a lawyer. Many questions might be rushing to your mind, such as: Will they be able to represent me in the best possible way? What are their credentials? Can I trust them that they will help me? Will they rip me off? Learn how to put an end to the cycle of doubt and mistrust, and instead ask these questions.

What Are Your Credentials?

When you meet your lawyer or a team of lawyers for the first time, do not think it is rude, but think of itas a necessity to ask this question as politely as you can. While some lawyers might be offended by yourquestions, the majority will see it as a rational thing to ask and will give you the correct information. Whereas, some lawyers have such outstanding reputation and their credentials all across their officewalls that you will not even have to ask anything.

Have You Had A Similar Case?

Another smart question on your behalf is to try and find out more about their past cases. In someinstances, you may already know of a case which they have won, but it is always reassuring to ask andfind out more. Since each case is different, it will not tell you much about the outcome, but it mightshow whether your legal representative has experience and much necessary knowledge in a particularlegal field.

What Was The Outcome?

The majority of lawyers will not discuss this with you, but it is perhaps the question which is best kept tooneself. You can find out on your own through friends or acquaintances, but even if you do – it will nottell you much. Your particular case is a situation which is separate and unique. No one, not even yourlawyer, can predict the outcome, and neither can the account of their previous cases.

What Do I Think Of My Case?

It might be the best question to ask your lawyer because it allows them to tell you what they actually think might be the best strategy. Trust their judgment, especially if you come to a conclusion that you are dealing with a professional who will do everything possible to represent you in court in the best possible way. Each case is different, and a good lawyer can truly make a difference, that is why it is your duty to find the best legal help and hire an expert.

Family Physician Breaking The Law Without Regrets

Only recently it has been discovered that biodiagnostic laboratory services BSL were behind the illegal activities that took place ten years ago and included bribing physicians to send it blood work. One such case was discovered, and the said physician was prosecuted for an outstanding bribe for more than $1.8 million in exchange for more than 6 million worth of referred bloodwork.

BLS And Bribed Bloodwork

The case which made its to the front-line news exposed the bribes that BLS offers over the course of numerous years to physicians and labs. The physicians were paid to draw blood and do numerous unnecessary tests as well. So far, 31 physicians that have pleaded guilty to receiving bribes on behalf of BLS were sentenced to prison ranging from 1 to 5 years. The oldest physician that was charged with receiving bribe was Dr. Greenspan who is currently 79 years old. This family position was charged by the Department of Justice for accepting around $200,000 in bribes over the course of seven years for blood specimens that provided $3 million worth of lab work for biodiagnostic laboratory services. However, Dr. Greenspan did not plead guilty on this case like 31 physicians that pleaded guilty. Instead, he insisted on his innocence and took the case to a federal court in Newark, New Jersey. Upon the 11 day trial, and four hours to deliberate on the jury's decision, Dr. Greenspan was found guilty of violating the federal law and declared related to the said crimes.

What Did The Defense Have To Say?

The defendant's defense was that even though he had received payments from BLS, he did not think of it to be in exchange for any referrals of bloodwork. However, the testimony of David Nicol, the president of BLS revealed that Dr. Greenspan was willingly participating in this criminal activity. However, he is testimony was dismissed based on the fact that he was an untrustworthy criminal.

Even though Dr. Greenspan was found guilty, many lawyers and experts do understand why he did not plead guilty. An elderly defendant such as Dr. Greenspan might not have been looking forward to accepting that what he has left of life would be spent in jail. Instead, they believed that the jury would go easy with them based on their age and health problems, and if they ultimately lose the case, they would be only slightly more convicted than with a guilty plea.

Will New Laws Make Our Health Plan Healthier?

In the front of a crowd of more than 150 people, Joe Manchin spoke about the Republican plans to replace the Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act. During the same occasion, he also shared his objections to GOP's plan for healthcare, fearing that those who had benefited from ObamaCare, would be denied health care under the new existing healthcare law. Manchin is one of those people who wants to make the future bright for everybody, equally.

He also stated that he was always willing to explore better healthcare. At the same time, Manchin expressed his opposition to the proposed health care law which is about to replace ObamaCare. He expressed concern that President Donald Trump would slow down the health care system.

Manchin also expressed concern for tax repeals for high-income Americans, which would come at the expense of healthcare budget. According to current estimations, 14 million Americans will lose health care coverage next year under the new legislation, and by the year of 2026, this number would increase to 24 million people who will lose health care. The statistics are grim and during the two-hour forum legal professionals such as Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, also during the debate.

Why Do We Need Healthcare?

Healthcare system should be there to provide for everyone. We must take immediate action to repair the damage that could be made in the future. Even though the USA has never been a socialist country that guarantees equal rights to everyone, and it is not a part of the USA's legacy, certain changes could be made for the better. Healthcare system is just one thing that is not right with the existing system, but ObamaCare could have done it a lot better.


The current resources should be divided in such a way that at least when it comes to healthcare people do not have to worry about their existence. It is something that could have been made possible for each of us, however, with the existing Republican government in the office, this will be very difficult.

If we want to change we have to react now. Eliminating tax penalties is not as important as providing proper health care system to each resident of the USA. It seems like the current government is more concerned with taxes, tax penalties, and money issues that the current law about health care system is neglected.

How To Find The Lawyer Who Will Represent You

Sometimes we cannot go about a certain matter without some legal help. A situation that requires legal help should be dealt with in the best possible way and to achieve that you simply must use the services of a reliable lawyer or a law firm.

Why You Should Give It Some Thought

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to use legal, professional help, you should give some time to the person or people you will hire because you would want to make sure that the legal advice you will be getting, or the representation, is the best you can get. Learning how to find the team of legal experts or a lawyer at the right time, might be even crucial in some situations, so you should learn how to go about this situation in the right way.

I Know A Guy

Do you know someone, who knows someone, who knows a damn brilliant lawyer? Well, it is worth asking about anyways. If you happen to know that your neighbor, co-worker, cousin or friend have been in a similar position to that in which you find yourself, that might be a great way to get a recommendation for a lawyer. It might take away some of the stress that you will be dealing with, knowing that someone trustworthy is recommending the lawyer or a team of lawyers that you are about to hire.

Flipping Through Ads

Another way to find someone you will hire is to look thorough ads. Of course, this way you will not know whether the lawyer is good and reliable, but you can make some contacts. Besides, you should talk to your lawyer before you hire them anyway, so it is worth making a few phone calls since you will be deliberating on whom to hire later on anyways.


Similar Legal Cases

If you want to make sure that your lawyer will have the necessary background and experience for your case, then you might try to find a lawyer or a law firm with experience in similar legal cases. It might be the best option if you are in an unusual or a difficult legal situation that requires a trustworthy lawyer. However, as it has already been mentioned earlier, it is also necessary that you talk to them in person.

This New York Law Might Shock And Appall You!

Even though it is expected that this shocking law will finally change, it was there for years, and it seems like no one has noticed! Read more about the most shocking law in the US and what the government is planning for the future to resolve this issue.

Married By Parents

No, it is not just the latest TLC show, but it is the reality for many teenagers in the US. New York allows the marriage for minors as early as at the age of 14, with the consent of their parents of course. However, it is not the only state which allows minors to wed, as in fact in the most stated marriage is allowed to 16 year-olds and 17 year-olds. The majority of marriages that take place require parental and judicial consent, however, for the most part, it is to respect cultural or religious traditions and organize an arranged marriage.

What Is Wrong With Arranged Marriages?

First of all, arranged marriages are mostly organized by the parents, which means that the people who are involved in the marriage have no say. In addition to that, according to statistics which were obtained by a nonprofit organization called Unchained at Last, the majority of these marriages are made up of underage girls married to adult men. Unchained at Last hopes that the law about underage marriage will soon change. If the changes happen, it might be an outlaw to marry under the age of 18, and even that would require a judge’s approval.

What Is Even More Shocking – They Cannot Divorce!

That is true and preposterous! Children as young as 14 are allowed to marry in the state of New York, but legally a person cannot get a divorce until the age of 17 in New York state! The status of the law makes this law one of the most controversial and disturbing laws which exist in the entire USA! Hopefully, the change will come soon, and this law will be changed so that forced marriages will soon become a thing of the past.

Marriage Breakup

What Do The Statistic Reports Say?

According to the statistic reports, from 2000 to 2010 nearly 3,900 underage persons were wed in the state of New York, which are mostly arranged marriages to show respect towards a cultural or religious tradition.