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Plane Crash Victim Sues Hospital for Medical Malpractice

By Larry Hollis / July 2, 2017

Julie Fetcko has been living a nightmare for more than four years. On Christmas Eve of 2012, Fetcko boarded a plane with her husband to travel to a family gathering. Her husband was piloting the plane when it ran out of fuel. As he attempted to make an emergency landing, the plane was ripped apart. […]


Family Physician Breaking The Law Without Regrets

By Larry Hollis / November 30, 2016

Only recently it has been discovered that biodiagnostic laboratory services BSL were behind the illegal activities that took place ten years ago and included bribing physicians to send it blood work. One such case was discovered, and the said physician was prosecuted for an outstanding bribe for more than $1.8 million in exchange for more […]


How To Find The Lawyer Who Will Represent You

By Larry Hollis / October 18, 2016

Sometimes we cannot go about a certain matter without some legal help. A situation that requires legal help should be dealt with in the best possible way and to achieve that you simply must use the services of a reliable lawyer or a law firm.Why You Should Give It Some ThoughtIf you happen to find […]


This New York Law Might Shock And Appall You!

By Larry Hollis / July 20, 2016

Even though it is expected that this shocking law will finally change, it was there for years, and it seems like no one has noticed! Read more about the most shocking law in the US and what the government is planning for the future to resolve this issue.Married By ParentsNo, it is not just the […]


Should You Respect The Law Even When The Law Is Faulty?

By Larry Hollis / March 19, 2015

This question has made a lot of controversies recently in Australia, where the first female secretary of the ACTU was confronted with this moral dilemma on live news.Controversy In Australia!When the interviewer asked Sally McManus, whether she believed in the rule of law, she confirmed that she did. However, she also stated that there are […]