Family Physician Breaking The Law Without Regrets

By Larry Hollis / November 30, 2016

Only recently it has been discovered that biodiagnostic laboratory services BSL were behind the illegal activities that took place ten years ago and included bribing physicians to send it blood work. One such case was discovered, and the said physician was prosecuted for an outstanding bribe for more than $1.8 million in exchange for more than 6 million worth of referred bloodwork.

BLS And Bribed Bloodwork

The case which made its to the front-line news exposed the bribes that BLS offers over the course of numerous years to physicians and labs. The physicians were paid to draw blood and do numerous unnecessary tests as well. So far, 31 physicians that have pleaded guilty to receiving bribes on behalf of BLS were sentenced to prison ranging from 1 to 5 years. The oldest physician that was charged with receiving bribe was Dr. Greenspan who is currently 79 years old. This family position was charged by the Department of Justice for accepting around $200,000 in bribes over the course of seven years for blood specimens that provided $3 million worth of lab work for biodiagnostic laboratory services. However, Dr. Greenspan did not plead guilty on this case like 31 physicians that pleaded guilty. Instead, he insisted on his innocence and took the case to a federal court in Newark, New Jersey. Upon the 11 day trial, and four hours to deliberate on the jury's decision, Dr. Greenspan was found guilty of violating the federal law and declared related to the said crimes.

What Did The Defense Have To Say?

The defendant's defense was that even though he had received payments from BLS, he did not think of it to be in exchange for any referrals of bloodwork. However, the testimony of David Nicol, the president of BLS revealed that Dr. Greenspan was willingly participating in this criminal activity. However, he is testimony was dismissed based on the fact that he was an untrustworthy criminal.

Even though Dr. Greenspan was found guilty, many lawyers and experts do understand why he did not plead guilty. An elderly defendant such as Dr. Greenspan might not have been looking forward to accepting that what he has left of life would be spent in jail. Instead, they believed that the jury would go easy with them based on their age and health problems, and if they ultimately lose the case, they would be only slightly more convicted than with a guilty plea.

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