How Do I Know That I Can Trust My Lawyer?

By Larry Hollis / December 10, 2016

Many people are a skeptic when they look for a lawyer. Many questions might be rushing to your mind, such as: Will they be able to represent me in the best possible way? What are their credentials? Can I trust them that they will help me? Will they rip me off? Learn how to put an end to the cycle of doubt and mistrust, and instead ask these questions.

What Are Your Credentials?

When you meet your lawyer or a team of lawyers for the first time, do not think it is rude, but think of itas a necessity to ask this question as politely as you can. While some lawyers might be offended by yourquestions, the majority will see it as a rational thing to ask and will give you the correct information. Whereas, some lawyers have such outstanding reputation and their credentials all across their officewalls that you will not even have to ask anything.

Have You Had A Similar Case?

Another smart question on your behalf is to try and find out more about their past cases. In someinstances, you may already know of a case which they have won, but it is always reassuring to ask andfind out more. Since each case is different, it will not tell you much about the outcome, but it mightshow whether your legal representative has experience and much necessary knowledge in a particularlegal field.

What Was The Outcome?

The majority of lawyers will not discuss this with you, but it is perhaps the question which is best kept tooneself. You can find out on your own through friends or acquaintances, but even if you do – it will nottell you much. Your particular case is a situation which is separate and unique. No one, not even yourlawyer, can predict the outcome, and neither can the account of their previous cases.

What Do I Think Of My Case?

It might be the best question to ask your lawyer because it allows them to tell you what they actually think might be the best strategy. Trust their judgment, especially if you come to a conclusion that you are dealing with a professional who will do everything possible to represent you in court in the best possible way. Each case is different, and a good lawyer can truly make a difference, that is why it is your duty to find the best legal help and hire an expert.

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