New Bills On Stand Your Ground Laws

By Larry Hollis / January 10, 2015

Recent changes have been made by the Florida Senate to change the existing stand your ground law. The subject itself was debated between many people, but ultimately the Florida Senate passed a measure which is controversial and surprising.

Introducing Changes

The changes that have been passed to contribute to the coexisting stand your ground law, or passed by the Senate 23 to 15 to change the current law which already allows residents to use force including deadly force. The current stand your ground law in Florida allows violence as a form of resistance if the attacked person believes their life is in danger, or if they believe that they are in the risk of bodily harm. However, the bill which was passed just this week, says that prosecutors must prove that the convicted has no reason to be granted crime immunity. The same law will also apply to shootings, domestic violence, assaults, and misdemeanors.

What Do The Law Experts Have To Say?

However, many law experts, as well as other people, see potential problems with this anti-law enforcement bill. Namely, because the burden of providing evidence for prosecution would require an immunity hearing as well. In other words, this will only make the process more complicated and account for two different trials. All of this will just take much more time to deal with a single case. In addition to that, it will allow the criminal defendants to have a trial before they go to a trial, which is preposterous. It makes the whole stand your ground bill downright ridiculous. In the USA, especially in Florida, stand your ground bill has been around for a long time, and this legal principle allows victims to use force and deadly force against gun defendants. However, the new Florida’s measure would give special rights to defendants, but also to gun defendants that would in a way even be privileged to have this additional trial before having a trial.

It will also prevent the police to do their job because they would be in court cases all the time rather than protecting people in the streets. It is an ideological waste of time and resources to organize two separate trials for each case when the prosecution is already overburdened with stand your ground cases.

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