This New York Law Might Shock And Appall You!

By Larry Hollis / July 20, 2016

Even though it is expected that this shocking law will finally change, it was there for years, and it seems like no one has noticed! Read more about the most shocking law in the US and what the government is planning for the future to resolve this issue.

Married By Parents

No, it is not just the latest TLC show, but it is the reality for many teenagers in the US. New York allows the marriage for minors as early as at the age of 14, with the consent of their parents of course. However, it is not the only state which allows minors to wed, as in fact in the most stated marriage is allowed to 16 year-olds and 17 year-olds. The majority of marriages that take place require parental and judicial consent, however, for the most part, it is to respect cultural or religious traditions and organize an arranged marriage.

What Is Wrong With Arranged Marriages?

First of all, arranged marriages are mostly organized by the parents, which means that the people who are involved in the marriage have no say. In addition to that, according to statistics which were obtained by a nonprofit organization called Unchained at Last, the majority of these marriages are made up of underage girls married to adult men. Unchained at Last hopes that the law about underage marriage will soon change. If the changes happen, it might be an outlaw to marry under the age of 18, and even that would require a judge’s approval.

What Is Even More Shocking – They Cannot Divorce!

That is true and preposterous! Children as young as 14 are allowed to marry in the state of New York, but legally a person cannot get a divorce until the age of 17 in New York state! The status of the law makes this law one of the most controversial and disturbing laws which exist in the entire USA! Hopefully, the change will come soon, and this law will be changed so that forced marriages will soon become a thing of the past.

Marriage Breakup

What Do The Statistic Reports Say?

According to the statistic reports, from 2000 to 2010 nearly 3,900 underage persons were wed in the state of New York, which are mostly arranged marriages to show respect towards a cultural or religious tradition.

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