Should We Jail Up Immigrants?

By Larry Hollis / February 20, 2017

Since Trump's administration has been in office the question of how we should deal with immigrants was frequently brought up. The bills and laws which would deal with cases of illegal immigrants should make it possible for policemen and legal workers to deal with these cases in the best possible way.

What Should We Do With Illegal Immigrants?

In addition to that, we must also think of a solution for all the undocumented immigrants. The information coming from federal offices declares that making more lockups is necessary especially in certain regions of the USA which are bordering with Mexico. The state of California, however, rude refuses any help and even considering a bill that would prevent immigrants being jailed up.

How Are Immigrants Treated In Jails?

Another thing which is not just is the fact that immigrants are treated very badly by other prisoners who are in the same institutions for completely different crimes. When you think of that, you have inmates that have been convicted of serious crimes such as murder or rape, together with illegal immigrants, and they are all treated the same. Undocumented illegal immigrants must be dealt in a more humane way that would guarantee their safety and their dignity. The state of California is perhaps the most aware of this problem and is trying to deal with it in the best possible way.

Border Walls

Moreover, building new facilities that would serve for locking up illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrants would be a huge financial impact on the entire country and the government. It would also mean that costs of employing officers, mental health, and medical health staff and maintaining the jail would increase, and damaged the budget of the entire country.

What Are Our Priorities?

The highest priority now is the proper treatment of all the individuals. Just one of many such examples is the example of a US Marine veteran who was confined at the Yuba County Jail who was also the sufferer of posttraumatic stress disorder, which he witnessed about in his sworn declaration. The PTSD that he suffered was brought on after witnessing to cadets killing themselves during basic training. Even though he noticed the medical staff of his psychological state and required medication for his PTSD, when confined to the jail he did not see a psychiatrist for three months. In addition to that, the former US Marine was also denied of medication for his heart condition for almost two weeks. Things like this must not happen. People must be treated with dignity even if the law declares them guilty. Basic human needs such as food, water, and medical help must be guaranteed to all inmates especially to those who are only guilty of dreaming a different kind of life and a better future for their kids.

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