Will New Laws Make Our Health Plan Healthier?

By Larry Hollis / November 20, 2016

In the front of a crowd of more than 150 people, Joe Manchin spoke about the Republican plans to replace the Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act. During the same occasion, he also shared his objections to GOP's plan for healthcare, fearing that those who had benefited from ObamaCare, would be denied health care under the new existing healthcare law. Manchin is one of those people who wants to make the future bright for everybody, equally.

He also stated that he was always willing to explore better healthcare. At the same time, Manchin expressed his opposition to the proposed health care law which is about to replace ObamaCare. He expressed concern that President Donald Trump would slow down the health care system.

Manchin also expressed concern for tax repeals for high-income Americans, which would come at the expense of healthcare budget. According to current estimations, 14 million Americans will lose health care coverage next year under the new legislation, and by the year of 2026, this number would increase to 24 million people who will lose health care. The statistics are grim and during the two-hour forum legal professionals such as Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, also during the debate.

Why Do We Need Healthcare?

Healthcare system should be there to provide for everyone. We must take immediate action to repair the damage that could be made in the future. Even though the USA has never been a socialist country that guarantees equal rights to everyone, and it is not a part of the USA's legacy, certain changes could be made for the better. Healthcare system is just one thing that is not right with the existing system, but ObamaCare could have done it a lot better.


The current resources should be divided in such a way that at least when it comes to healthcare people do not have to worry about their existence. It is something that could have been made possible for each of us, however, with the existing Republican government in the office, this will be very difficult.

If we want to change we have to react now. Eliminating tax penalties is not as important as providing proper health care system to each resident of the USA. It seems like the current government is more concerned with taxes, tax penalties, and money issues that the current law about health care system is neglected.

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